Soon: ‘Traffix’ TV Pilot

Submitted by box_nyc on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 23:24

I met my dear friends and fellow actors Sheena Collette and Elizabeth Bove making ‘Traffix’, a TV pilot about the world of sex trafficking, on a feature thriller, entitled ‘Irrefutable Proof’, which we shot in Syracuse two years ago. In that film, Sheena played a scientist who disproves the existence of God, while and Liz and I played ex-wife and henchman, respectively, to Satan himself. In the time since we shot that film, we’ve all remained good friends, attending each other’s plays, hanging out for drinks and hoping to work together again. Thanks to Sheena, who produces, directs and stars in this pilot for a series, we are once again reunited. With this episode now in post, we shall see what happens next.