NEWS: Returning to ‘Corazón Azul’

Submitted by box_nyc on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 12:32

Cuban director Miguel Coyola returned to New York in March to screen ‘Memorias del desarrollo’ (2010) at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. This maverick filmmaker and Guggenheim fellow, amid numerous honors and accolades, has often been thwarted by the tyranny of the oppressive Cuban government, who’ve refused to allow him to screen his politically charged work at home. His reception in New York, however, was buoyant, and he used the occasion to shoot additional footage of me, reprising my role as Professor Fagan, for ‘Corazón Azul’: a feature film in which genetically enhanced individuals decide to create a utopia by exterminating “imperfect” people, a project Coyola began eight years ago, when I first played this wise Cornell scholar.