NEWS: ‘The Labyrinth & The Long Road’ Premieres in New York

Submitted by itheodore on Wed, 08/01/2018 - 18:40

Directed by Daniel Oh

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A student radical goes on trial for bombing a Manhattan hotel, leading a group of her peers to kidnap a notable economist and demand her release. A woman retreats to the beach house of a friend to ponder the disappearance of her husband, a once esteemed writer of radical literature. A young artist struggles to reconcile a budding social conscience with the realities of a burgeoning career. A middle-aged debt collector is confronted by the events of his checkered past.


Frank Genniro
Devin K. Kenny
Matt Burns
Ephrem Kossaify
Raina Hamner
Hélène Kuhn
Neal Bledsoe
Andy Berner
Arnold Wu
Bridget Donahue
Anna Billingskog
Theodore Bouloukos
Raye Levine
Carlen Altman
Suzanne Friedman
Flora Wildes
Phillip John Velasco Gabriel
Dan Catucci
Nick Catucci
Eamon Monaghan
Frank Angileri
Megan Welch
Vinny Vella

Original Music by Sam Gendel