ANNALS: Revolution, Eau de Parfum

Submitted by box_nyc on Sun, 07/01/2018 - 02:25

I’ve worked with a number of fabulous artists. In fact, the New York art world is the genesis of my performance career. Among the great video-art projects I’ve done was “commercial” for the artist Lisa Kirk, whose work ingeniously expresses her obsessions with the moral complexities of consumerism, collective fear and trauma, and a radical politics. She has described her work as having a visual vocabulary that “references war, popular entertainment, middle-class American violence, and a sentiment of nostalgia for revolt,” which accounts for her creation of a commercially available perfume, called “Revolution,” which lists among its scents blood, urine, and burnt rubber; and was the basis for filming an advert that mimicked the style and story arc of a fashion fragrance, with a little tear gas thrown in and the utter chaos that ensues thereafter when the revolutionary protagonists find love and attraction permeating the air.